Children's Ministry

Our children are very important to us and we believe it's never too early to begin to present the Gospel to a child. Our children's ministry devotes itself to the words that Scripture says in Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." The lessons your child will receive are, first and foremost, Christ centered. We want our children to, not just know about Christ, but to come to live a life devoted to Him. But, we present this message in a way that engages children while providing them with spiritual truths. Our teachers care immensely for each child in their class , and they seek to be used by the Lord to help the children grow in knowledge and faith in Him. So you can rest assured that while you're studying the Word with the congregation, your children are also being spiritually fed the Word of the Lord.

Student Ministry

Heritage has an active, thriving student ministry. Our students enjoy participating in regular activities as well as outreach opportunities, as well as taking part in retreats and various camps throughout the year. Our goal is to promote a love for the Bible and draw our students into a closer relationship with God, recognizing that they are the next generation of church laypeople and leadership. We also put much effort into equipping each of our students with the knowledge and confidence to take the Gospel to those around them. We seek to provide our middle and high school students a place to regroup and refresh from the world around them and find comfort in fellowship with with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

College Ministry

The years that a young adult spends in college are some of the most influential years of a person's life. Sometimes, it's the first time that a person has lived away from their family, and not having that familiarity can make the transition even more difficult. To help with all this, many colleges have Christian based groups on campus, but these can't replace the way that a local congregation can minister to you. At Heritage, we have a wide variety of members, from many different backgrounds, that can help with whatever you're facing in life and on campus. We seek to give college students an outlet, away from class, that allows them to share, discuss, question, debate, fellowship, and worship with a family of believers in Christ. We want to help equip you with the spiritual tools needed to live out a life for the Lord now, while in school, and throughout the rest of your life.